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Xtreme Cutting Mats


Self sealing counter top mats.


Key Features

  • Made from tough, seamless polyethylene.
  • Solvent chemical proof.
  • Self-sealing.

  • CM46 Xtreme CuttingMat (48"x72") $81.99  
    CM48 Xtreme CuttingMat (48"x96") $108.99  
    CM410 Xtreme CuttingMat (48"x120") $134.99  
    CM412 Xtreme CuttingMat (48"x144") $154.99  
    CM58 Xtreme CuttingMat (60"x96") $138.99  
    CM510 Xtreme CuttingMat (60"x120") $154.99  
    CM512 Xtreme CuttingMat (60"x144") $199.99  
    CM610 Xtreme CuttingMat (72"x120") $208.99  
    CM612 Xtreme CuttingMat (72"x144") $238.99  
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    KB Art Knife Blades -25 pack $4.48