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ArtisanNew112x45.gif WindowSHOCK-PERF with GeckoGRIP
Windowshock is an interior, face-mounted perforated window film that requires no additional adhesives. Simply print and face-mount in one-step. WindowShock's unique Gecko Grip coating adheres to glass and plexiglass yet allows the image to be removed and repositioned at a later date. Featuring a 70/30 ratio and 1.5mm holes, WindowShock is ideal for a variety of window graphic and interior design applications.

Key Features
  • Print and mount in one-step.
  • 70/30 ratio, ideal for retail storefront graphics.
  • Easy installation, repositionable and removable.
  • Post-production laminating and/or mounting adhesives not required.

  • All digital inkjet eco solvent and solvent inks.
  • Lamination not required.

  • 200-180 WindowSHOCK-PERF with GeckoGRIP (27"x12' ) $49.00  
    200-189 WindowSHOCK-PERF with GeckoGRIP (54"x82' ) $660.95  
    200-190 WindowSHOCK-PERF with GeckoGRIP (54"x41' ) $363.95