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Large format digital printing equipment, supplies & support
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ProJet® 1000 Personal 3D Printer


The ProJet 1000 prints durable plastic parts at print speeds up to five times faster than any 3D printer in its class. Its sleek industrial design is sure to complement your office or work space and maximize productivity with its network-ready, intuitive web browser interface that provides shared access for your entire group.

Create functional parts in tough, monochrome plastic with excellent detail and smooth surface finish.


Key Features

  • Net build volume: 6.75 x 8 x 7 in (171 x 203 x 178 mm).
  • Native resolution: 1024 x 768 DPI.

    Call us for a complete 3D printing solution including printer, supplies, on-site installation, training and service.

    Brochure (pdf)

  • 341000 Projet 1000 Personal 3-D Printer System with 12 month warranty. $10,900.00  
    273180-00 ProJet 1000/1500 Curing Unit $1,400.00  
    273267-00 ProJet 1000/1500 Washing Unit $1,400.00  
    340741-00 VisiJet FTI Material for ProJet 1000/1500 - Ivory (4.4lbs/2kg) $562.00  
    340848-00 ProJet Build Pads for ProJet 1000/1500 $95.00  
    273003-01 Clean-A-Part Solution (4 gal/15.1 liter) $165.00  
    360472 3DS Strength Max Full Kit $310.00