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Large format digital color solutions & support                  
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Mimaki JV400-LX Latex Printers



The Mimaki JV400-LX printers offer the latest in wide-format latex inkjet printing: white ink, high speed output at high-resolution and run on an convenient, energy saving 110V power. Additionally, Mimaki's unique latex ink formulation cures at a modest 140F temperature greatly expanding the range of available media compared to other latex printers. Available in both 54" and 64" widths, the JV400-LX can be configured for hi-speed dual CMYK or versatile, high quality CMYKLcLm plus white ink configuration.

Key Features

  • CMYK plus White or Dual CMYK ink configurations.
  • 140F ink curing expands available media range.
  • Up to 1200dpi resolution with hi-speed.
  • 110V power requirement.
  • Latex water-based inks do not require ventilation.

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