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Dust Removal Kits
Dust Removal Kits consisting of a tack roller and cleaning pad to remove dust, lint and other particulates from prints before laminating and rigid substrates before printing.

Key Features
  • Non-abrasive tack roller will not scratch prints.
  • Chemical free.
  • Lightweight, sure-grip handle.
  • Rollers clean easily with cleaning pads.

    Each kit includes one pad of 50 cleaning sheets.
  • DR12AHT High-Tac Dust Removal Kit $187.05  
    DR12ALT Low-Tac Dust Removal Kit $164.95  
    DR12AMT Medium-Tac Dust Removal Kit $164.95  
    CP50 Cleaning Pads - Pad of 50 Sheets $26.95  
    CP50B Cleaning Pads - 5 Pads of 50 Sheets $146.23  
    SR25PCB ScrapeRite - 25 pack of Blue Polycarbonate blades $9.40